Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Home Evening

My kids love to dance to bad this was taken with my phone I wish I would have gotten the baby it was so cute he was sitting just out of the frame and he was wiggling his legs to cute...

I hope you guys had a great family night.

Get Moving Monday

So Today is Monday and I am finally feeling like am back in the world.... I didnt check in last week way to much going on ... Few I so glad that is all done and over with... fingers crossed. So this week was really good. I ate good and keeped up on my food journal. I even got to the gym on Saturday and meet with my trainer Scotty.

Ok so this relationship with Scotty is a love Hate one. Because I am still sore today all over from the "workout" killing he put me through.. hehehe He had me run up and down the stairs in the gym yippie me for all to see.. But hey my butt isnt as low and sad looking as it used to be... I still am not losing a ton of weight on the scale but my numbers in the measuring tape are going down and my clothes are fitting better....

So my goals this week are to get all the bad foods out of my house. (hopefully hubby doesnt bring anymore in) and to get to the gym atleast 3 times and to workout at home atleast 2..

Do you guys have any great ideas that could help me meet my goal or do you want to join in on the fun then check out she is great. Check in next week maybe it will be the week i lose big....

Thanks for all the support..

Friday, March 28, 2008


Brody not happy....

This is Brody after he got into the markers last night and drew all over himself. He really wasnt in trouble as this mommy only buys washable markers and crayons he just really didnt want anyone taking his picture because once his sister squilled on him he just wanted to wash it off. Sorry Brody... Mommy and Daddy really do love you tons... You are just way to cute......

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


OK SO we had no Easter here at our house... :( very sad I know but this is how the story goes.......... It all begins on Friday..

It all started out great we were going on our ward camp out.. Everyone was finally feeling better Yippee!!!!!!! So we all got up that morning and Robert had to go into the office just for a few things he was going to be home around 11 am.. So I am getting things ready and everything is great. We gave Hyde his last dose of antibiotic (this is very important remember this later) And we hit the road. Camp is only about 1hr away from our home..

We get there and we are having a great time.... We make a yummy dinner of pizza on the grill if you haven't done this you have got to try it yummy.... and go to the river and play in the water and then got to a wonderful fireside given by the Bishop..... Then Night falls and this is where the Fun begins...... We get the two older kids into bed around 9pm and then stay up playing Mafia.. fun... Then around 10:30 we head for bed.. it is now getting really cold and we are so unprepared.... And the never ending night begins..... Hyde never never Never slept.. he was awake for most of the night. Screaming and crying and just cold and never happy. I felt terrible for the tents full of families next to us... Sorry... So when it was 5am yes you saw that right 5 am he finally crashed.... We were so happy so we got about 45Min's of sleep before the high priests where up and making breakfast... And as I sat up with the sleeping Hyde next to be I look down and he is covered,Covered.

Head to toe with spots. At the time we didn't know they were hives but that was scary... So we got a blessing by now he was not breathing right. And some how all of our stuff was taken down and put into our car before we all could make it to the bathroom... And we were off to the Dr's thanks goodness for pediatricians that have Saturday Hours! We get there and find out that he is Allergic to the Rx he had been taking.... So now you can see why we had no Easter I was holding baby and we were all sleeping and I wasn't organised to get stuff before Saturday so didn't have anything but the clothes but then not everyone went to church so I promise next Sunday when we all get dolled up we will take pictures and I'll post them here.

Update on Hyde he was twice his size on Sunday and Monday (sorry no Monday update will do that next) but is slowly getting unswollen and returning back to normal... Thank you Benadryl

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Ranee!!!!


Today is your birthday and we are to far away to be there with you on your very special day so this is for you I am going to list 10 wonderful things about you... YIPPEE here yah go......

1- Naturally Beautiful

2- Full of love

3- Has more talent in her little pinkie then most people

4- Energy

5- a wonderful mother

6- has a contagious laugh

7- Loves kid

8- Dances has way more rhythm in her body then I do

9- Love Serono's Bean and Cheese dip yummy and Zipole from R&R Pizza

10- Has a wonderful Testimony of Our Heavenly Fathers Plan for us

Ok so there you now know just the icing on the cake about Ranee. I love you and I am so glad that you were born on this very day and that we are friends. Hope this year is a wonderful one for you and your family....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday check in....

So I am check in how well I did this week with the diet............ So ok this week was super hard. I think I have had sick kids either one or all sick since the middle of January so if any of you mom's out there have any good ideas to get them well and get them well it seems like the antibiotics only work so a short time and then we have to start all over again.. sigh

So on with the week and we will start with last Saturday.

Saturday- Great day I ate really well and stayed under my calories for the day and met with my personal trainer and got to complain to him about why I am not seeing results but then we did some moves and I was able to do them YIPPEE and he said see see you are make good progress...

Sunday- CHURCH do I need to say more ( oh also Robert started to get sick yippee on more child to take care of I mean really do all men turn into babies when they get sick or am I just the lucky one )

Monday- It rained so hard that we were rained into our neighborhood couldn't get out.. But I ate really good. And did pilates at home....

Tuesday- Hyde is now feeling sick and all he wants to do is nurses all day long. I did nothing all day didnt even get a shower until Robert got home...:( This is the start of my down hill week)

Wednesday- I really needed CHOCOLATE but didnt have any and we Needed milk so we went to the grocery store. Didnt make it to the gym but did play duck duck goose and ran around my house with my kids and did mountains of laundry.

Thursday- Robert was so sick he went to the Dr yep you guessed it strep yeah something we can all share... Hyde is feeling even worse so I think we will try and go to the doctor tomorrow.

Friday- Robert has a PT appointment and I get Hyde into the Ped. But since we are getting squeezed in we have to wait from 10 to 12:30 with 3 kids in a waiting room. To find out they don't know what is wrong with him so they make him get a urine culture no fun at all you would think he is 8 months old all they have to do is take the kids diaper off and wait he will go sometime. But no they have to do a catheter Ouch! So I was alittle stressed after running out of the house to get to the Dr on time and forgetting my two year old had on underwear and is not fully potty trained so grateful my dr's has extra diapers and pull ups... Thanks you !! So yes today we didnt eat very well can you say Jack in the Box.....

Saturday- Hyde woke up with a 102 degree fever and so I gave him some Tylenol but by 10 it was 103 so we skipped the training session and went back to the Dr. again a bad food day and no exercise..

Sunday- Church and staying home with sick baby. It was a good food day and we get to look forward to a new week yippee....

And through it all I lost 2 lbs .. How are you doing? Do your own Monday check in......
Check with you later have a great day...

p.s. after all the testing on poor Hyde we got the call this morning that it was not a uti and they really don't know what it is but to continue the antibiotic because it has to be something that caused that high temperature.. AH now I know why its called PRACTICING medicine....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Hubby

Ok so my Hubby aka Robert started but hasn't finished school to be a sports journalist. We do plan on him going back as soon as life lets us. But for now he has started his own sports blog so if anyone reads my blog check his out too or tell your husbands to check it out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quote I found

Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can." Douglas Pagels

I found this today and really liked it so I thought I would share it with whoever is out there reading this. Hopefully someono other then myself reads this. If not thats ok heheheh.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hyde and the soda bottle

Doctrine and Covenants

So the other morning we were laying in bed I think it was a Sunday it was a little while back. And in comes Riley and she goes dad can we play he goes what do you want to play?

She says Doctrine and Covenants. He goes OK , how do you play? She goes oh daddy I'll be the Doctrine and you can be the patient.....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Love free stuff

Ok so I was looking on the internet and found this great site I put it under my blogs i like to read but here it is again it has so really cute things and they are free you only have to pay shipping which is like 6 bucks not bad . Try it out and let me know what you think.