Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming Lessons

So Riley started swimming lessons last Tuesday and HATED it. Would cry and cry the whole 30mins. Ok no she isnt new to the water and no she doesn't hate swimming she actually loves it. Being told what to do in the water, however, is another thing. All she is being told to do is to put her face into that water, and when she does she just screams. So we just finished the first week and I actually got a smile in a couple of these pictures we took on Thursday. Robert said that on Friday she was actually swimming back to the wall. I was shocked! Was this the same girl I had taken to the pool on Tuesday only to have scratch marks all over my arms and neck because she was afraid I would let go of her; or the girl on Wednesday that cried so much after having to go under the water all the way that she ended up throwing up on the side of the pool? Thank you Bleach! Wow how much the difference a day can make.

Note from the husband: Please don't look at the pasty white man in the pictures. The purpose of the photos is to see Riley, not to be blinded by her fathers white body.

And the winner is..........


Nikki e-mail me or leave a comment on which prize you want and to where?

Thanks so much for all your guys help.

Painting a room I can do no problem as I can do it in a day and if I don't like it Heck I can paint over it. But a Big house that is more like a one try kind of thing. SO Thank you thank you thank you... And here is the finale colors that we got approved tonight. YIPPIE!! I will post pictures of the finished house after its done.

Sorry there not the best pictures.

This one is the siding its name is marshmellow. YUMMY

And this one is the middle color is the trim and then the red is for the door.

Thanks again.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Brody!!

So today was Brody's 3rd Birthday and it was a great busy day. We got up early so we could get Riley to her reading class and then we ran to the store and got a few things for our trip to the pool. And then were off to pick Riley up which is Brody's favorite as he gets to play on the playground outside until she is ready.

Then we headed home and got our swim stuff on and the cooler stuffed with goodies and out the door we went to Kelden's house to get him and his mommy to go to the pool. And we played and splashed and had a picnic lunch at the pool we where there for 3 hours it was great.

Then we got to go to dinner at Brody's favorite pizza place and came home and ate his race car cake. I found the idea on the Internet one day after asking him what kind of car do you want. I think it turned out cute and yummy. What do you think? Thanks to everyone who help make Brody's birthday such a special one.....

I love you so much you are a great addition to our family. You always can make me smile. You are always so kind and gentle to others. You are all boy. As like this morning you came out of the bathroom saying hey mom hey mom look look at my butt I go gross no way but then you go hahaha you smell my butt it smells like poop. Yep your my son. Yet when we go across the street you say mom you hold my hand so you don't get lost. I love you I love you. I love it when you laugh I love it when you dance and shake your booty, I love your smile, I love it when you go flying through the house because your superman. I love you because your my little boy. Thank you for being mine.
Love ,


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Contest Time!!!!

OK so we got this letter in the mail the other day saying please pretty please paint your house. ok it wasn't that nice and it wasn't the other day it was more like a year ago and we have been succeseful at putting them of until now. But now I need help in chooseing a color for my house. As you can see in the picture it has grey brick and isnt the cutest thing ever but you live with what your husband picks out while your in AZ selling your house. Thanks Alan and Nikki! So if you can help me pick out a great color for the siding and trim and front door as right now they are all the same gross grey. I will send you something great. It might be a gift card to a resturant or to your favorite store just please HELP me. Tell your friends your neighbors and your uncles cousins just anyone and everyone that might be able to help. and they might get a free meal or some great shopping out of it.

*must leave a comment so I know you are out there
*and the contest will starts today june 24th and ends june 28th

Good luck.....

P.S Ranee I am working on the tag.

Thank you..

Thanks to all that left comments and emails or phone calls about my last post. I feel loved. Thanks

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I don't wanna

* Get up early when I've been up late

* Do the laundry ( why is it ALWAYS MY turn) Can't we all just go around naked one day a week so we could catch up please.

* Clean my house ( I need a maid please just for this week)

* Go to church anymore. I am Invisable there.

* Not have any friends for my kids. Why is it that all the kids that are my kids ages in my area are the opposite sex.

* Cry anymore

* Be married and still be a single mother 90% of the time

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is your birthday!

I hope its a good one.

I love you!

Wish we were there to celebrate it with you.

Robert, Julia, Riley, Brody and Hyde

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ever feel like you need a hot bath a big Dr. Pepper, and a Ice Cream Cone and a good Cry..

So the last two days have been crazy. Robert has been out of town in Baton Rouge. So Yesterday I had to take all three of my kids to the Doctor with me which is normal is great but yesterday was not there day. I had to get them up really early so we could be there by 8 am. See here is where I had made the appoinment for that early thinking oh if its at 8 then Robert can just go in alittle later and stay home with the kids and little did I know would he have to go out of town for work. So we went there and it started off great as you can see from my last post I lost 7 lbs yippie. But then after waiting for the doctor FOREVER.. The kids became crazy I mean nuts they screamed and cried and yelled at me and eachother. It was not pretty but hey in the long run it got the doctor moving and she finally throw the RX's at me and said take this and get better. Yeah me I had a sinus infection. So then we headed off to our lovely Town Walmart all before 9 am. That in it's self is just oh so fun but this time it was painless and we all made it though alive.
And then there was today.....
We went to playgroup and it was at on of our neighbors pools which is a community pool so there was a few people there. So we had been there for about an hour and I had to get home to babysit a friends little guy this afternoon. And so we were playing in the kiddo pool that isnt deeper then 18inches and so I turned around to get towels I had Hyde and when I turned back Brody was on top of Riley trying to DROWNED her. Crazy!!!! WHY would he even think to do something like that.
And now I just got a phone call from Robert he said his plane was cancelled so now we get to see if he can get a different flight home hopefully.
Is 9 to early to go to bed????? :(

**Update Riley is doing fine she did get alittle water up her nose.And keeps asking me mom why did Brody try and drowned me?
Brody got a talking to and a time out I mean what eles can you really do to a 2 yr almost 3 yr old other then want to lock him away for life some times when they do things like that...
And husband did get home last night well I shouldn't say that it was more like this morning as it was after midnight.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Get Moving Monday!

OK So BIG news I lost 6 lbs yeppie me. I am so excited. I have been working really hard on this goal to lose any amount of weight since January and it is just been a uphill battle. I don't know what finally clicked but whatever it was I am happy. I have 3 more weeks until we leave for legas and would like to lose alitte more before them. Wish me luck. I hope whatever your goals have been you are meeting them too.

This weeks challenge is to get up and excercise everyday even if its only for 10mins. Good Luck!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny Moment! In the Bathroom

This morning before I went downstairs to get the kids breakfast I was in my bathroom putting my hair up in a ponytail and my rubberband broke. And I go Dang it. Riley hears me and says. "Oh mom you should call Nationwide they will fix it." I just had to laugh.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My 4yr old Daughter Hates me

So today at our house has not been a great one well maybe I should say this whole week hasn't. We have had sick kids and haven't really left the house let alone the couch or the upstairs much.

So today when everyone was finally feeling better and I wanted to get out of the house more like NEEDED to get out of the house, Riley becomes to aware of the world around her. I don't know about any of you out there but I guess I thought that this time would happen when she was well 14, not 4. So today when we were all ready to go to of all places the grocery store and she stops me and goes NO mom don't go. Just me and the boys and dad please? At first It didnt bother me, then I go no I really need to go because of A B and C and then she starts to cry... CRY. SO I ask her why she is crying and she says that I don't LOOK or act like other moms. And that I am mean. Holy Crap what am I in for when she hits 14!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What happens in your kitchen when your doing dishes?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The broken Buddy Bone......

So after dinner we all were in the family room playing and Riley said ok dad its time for your check up. And during his check up we all found out that he had a very VERY serious BROKEN BUDDY BONE!! And that we NEEDED to call his boss and tell him he couldn't move for 10 whole days. Then all three kids got into the dress up and got out there bandages or there scarfs and blankets to wrap daddy up to make him better. Hyde mostly suppervised as you can see. After all the watching and wraping and kisses and when bed time rolled around a miracle happened Riley said Daddy your buddy bone is all better. I told you I was a good Doctor. And Brody echoed yeah dad I a good doctor.

So which one are you?"> size=+1>You Are Snow White!
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Pure and trusting. You are a gentle soul who can get along with just about anyone. Everyone you meet instantly falls in love with you. How can they resist? You have a pure, lovable nature that' s center>
<>Which'>">Which Disney Princess Are You?

I never though of myself as a snow white but that is what it came up as so what do you think?

8 things about me

1. I would love to have my own business.( and I am actually working on that right now. I'll give you more info when i can)

2. I love the smell of baby. Crazy I know but it smells so good.

3. Ever since I was 12 alot of people that I know tell me that I am so good with kids I should have tons. But I feel like I don't know what I am doing is right half the time as a mother.

4. I was home schooled from 6th grade until I graduated high school. And sometimes I think it would be fun to home school my kids but then I think about how much work and how much you as the mom and teacher has to know and be responsible for and that alone overwhelms me. And right now alot of people I know are getting into it or starting to do it and I feel and have prayed about it and feel that if I did it right now that it would be for the wrong reasons.

5. I care way to much about what others think about me.

6. I wish I had better relationships with my family and friends. I don't think I am a very good friend I tend to keep to myself alot.

7. I want to go to college but I don't know what for or when it will happen.

8. My biggest fear OK so I don't just have one. I have a few but they all include my family. So my biggest fear is to lose my family.