Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok so this post is more of what I've been thinking and some questions for you???

Do you have a daily scheadule? How close do you follow it?

When did you get married? Do you ever feel like it was to young?

If you were not married with or without children what would you be doing?

I not saying I don't absolutely love what I do or where I am in my life. But do you ever look at other peoples lives and go why? Where did all my talent go oh it must have gone to them. Do I even have talent? Sorry I just am trying to find out what I am really good at.

What is your talent?
How did you find out your talent/passion in life?
Am I just not looking at what I do have as a talent? Who knows. Just thought I would throw this out there and see where is goes and I'll search and be back to answer all my own questions....