Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ever feel like you need a hot bath a big Dr. Pepper, and a Ice Cream Cone and a good Cry..

So the last two days have been crazy. Robert has been out of town in Baton Rouge. So Yesterday I had to take all three of my kids to the Doctor with me which is normal is great but yesterday was not there day. I had to get them up really early so we could be there by 8 am. See here is where I had made the appoinment for that early thinking oh if its at 8 then Robert can just go in alittle later and stay home with the kids and little did I know would he have to go out of town for work. So we went there and it started off great as you can see from my last post I lost 7 lbs yippie. But then after waiting for the doctor FOREVER.. The kids became crazy I mean nuts they screamed and cried and yelled at me and eachother. It was not pretty but hey in the long run it got the doctor moving and she finally throw the RX's at me and said take this and get better. Yeah me I had a sinus infection. So then we headed off to our lovely Town Walmart all before 9 am. That in it's self is just oh so fun but this time it was painless and we all made it though alive.
And then there was today.....
We went to playgroup and it was at on of our neighbors pools which is a community pool so there was a few people there. So we had been there for about an hour and I had to get home to babysit a friends little guy this afternoon. And so we were playing in the kiddo pool that isnt deeper then 18inches and so I turned around to get towels I had Hyde and when I turned back Brody was on top of Riley trying to DROWNED her. Crazy!!!! WHY would he even think to do something like that.
And now I just got a phone call from Robert he said his plane was cancelled so now we get to see if he can get a different flight home hopefully.
Is 9 to early to go to bed????? :(

**Update Riley is doing fine she did get alittle water up her nose.And keeps asking me mom why did Brody try and drowned me?
Brody got a talking to and a time out I mean what eles can you really do to a 2 yr almost 3 yr old other then want to lock him away for life some times when they do things like that...
And husband did get home last night well I shouldn't say that it was more like this morning as it was after midnight.