Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert!!

Today is Robert's 27Th Birthday..............

I am so glad he was born he wasn't around much today so we are going to celebrate this special day on Saturday with fun fun and a BBQ with friends and more fun....

So here is goes 27 things I love about Robert....

  1. I love his voice... He doesn't like his voice but it is one of the first thing I loved about him.

  2. His eyes . The color is just SOOOOO blue

  3. His eye lashes, I mean seriously it is not far that a man got them they are so long and thick. I guess I am very luck that so far all my kids have gotten them so no mascara for Riley.

  4. He loves me...... and I mean he has never once complained about me and my attitude or the way my body has evolved after 3 kids and some other obstacles.

  5. He loves to shop just as much as I do it is so great to be able to go to a store and he goes through the clearance racks just as fast and looking for the best deals as I do.

  6. How everyday he tries to make me smile or laugh

  7. He will clean the bathroom or whatever when I just don't want to.

  8. After a long day he will always help me finish up what I am doing like, folding the laundry, making dinner, doing the dishes,get up with sick or scared kids, run to the store in the middle of the night to get medicine, anything

  9. Robert is a great daddy, even when he thinks he isn't. No one is perfect!

  10. He can never lie. I mean seriously he can't he is terrible at it.

  11. He is a worthy priesthood holder

  12. His way of singing

  13. The way he dances

  14. The way he came home last summer when I was ready to pop pregnant and had the AC down to 66 and he had to put sweater on, he never said a word.

  15. The way he looks at me

  16. The way he can pull me out of my shell.

  17. The way he works everyday so that I can live my dream of being a stay at home mom.

  18. The way that he supports me with my goals

  19. The way he jokes with me

  20. His Generosity

  21. I love the way he brings me flowers home on the days that feel like they are never going to end.

  22. The way when we first got married and where on different work schedules and he would get tired of never seeing each other so he would sometimes call in sick for the day so we could spend it together.

  23. The way he so proudly displays pictures of us all on his desk at work

  24. The way he loves or at least tries everything I make at least once

  25. I love his smile

  26. I am grateful for his wonderful testimony

  27. I love the Big Hugs he gives me before he leaves in the morning and again when he gets home at night.

P.S. He is also one great kisser, I am so glad you where born. I love you.